[Release] VORP Cinema

  • Native cinema script for VORP-Core.





  • Add ensure vorp_cinema in your server.cfg.
  • You can change/add or remove locations in Config.json file.

:+1: :+1:

Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

Did someone did this for non-VORP users ? :wink: Love to have it :wink:
Thanks mate

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hi, is there any way to make this cinema script for Saltychat too, and is there any way to change films and put custom films in the cinema? thank you.

Any answer ? :slight_smile: Would love to use it without VORP requirements :frowning:

Not that I know, no one has done it for non-VORP users.

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Hi I have a problem … I do not get any blip regarding entering the cinema … On the contrary, to exit I exit Press enter to exit what can depend???

Change the coords in the config

I changed the coordinates. The entry blip is not right … The exit one works

Move a little inside the cinema and it should appear, it will be fixed with the next version