[Release] VK_handsup V1.1

Handsup while moving RENAMED TO VK_handsup

Hi everyone,

I just made a simple script that allows you to rise your hands by pressing “X”.

Features :

  1. Press X to raise your hands
  2. Move while raising your hands
  3. Don’t impact the position of the player

Screenshots :



  1. Download from github
  2. Unrar “vk_handsup” folder in your resources folder
  3. Add “vk_handsup” to your AutostartResources in citmp-server.yml
  4. Have fun !

Changing the controls

  1. Go to https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Controls and choose the control that you want to use
  2. Edit “client.lua”, goto line 22 and change by your desired index
  3. Same for line 39

For developers only

You can check if the local ped has handsup by using exports.vk_handsup:getSurrenderStatus() in any resource you want

I also added som server functions to check if the player or target has handsup, more on that later…

Made by a belgian guy that loves FiveM :heart:


How to have the top right grades?

Comment faire pour avoir les grades en haut à droite?

@Magistrox Via es_extented !

how can I change the keybind from X to Z?

Cool. Thank you for contributing your time and efforts.

Cool release thanks.

I only see one thing that is a little bad here :frowning: : Cuffed people can always hands-up.

I will fix that soon as possible

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In the client.lua, line 7 and 23 change “323” to “20” :wink:

Where from can I find out all the keybind codes?

There are no keys… Only controls and, these can be found on the wiki.


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any fix to stopping players from putting hands up while in a vehicle or cuffed ? kinda ruins the rp :stuck_out_tongue: any help would be appreciated :smiley:

Pretty sure there’s a native something like IsPedInVehicle

hello have you found a fix for this? people that are cuffed putting their handsup?

I have a paid server and I can’t seem to get it working.

I have “handsup” in my citmp-server.yml
in the __resource.lua I have: client_script ‘client.lua’
in the client.lua I have it just like TheGamerRespow has it.
anyone know how to get it working?

If it is actually clientscript ‘client.lua’ make sure you change it to client_script ‘client.lua’.

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Yes I have it set to that, I copied it wrong sorry

Hello my friends,

Sorry for the time passed since you asked me an update for the cuff and vehicle problem but I had my exams(wich I succeed :stuck_out_tongue:). So here is the update, I added a LOT of conditions, here are few examples :

  • Not in vehicle
  • Not swimming
  • Not falling
  • Not climbing
  • Not cufed
  • Not diving
  • On foot
  • Not using any scenario

And when you press “X”, you’re gonna switch weapon to unarmed

Get the update on Github

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My man! This script is awesome. I’ll test it out here shortly and let you know if i experience any issues.

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@TheGamerRespow Awsome script man! However im wondering if you can make a hands behind head script aswell?
Thanks let me know!

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thank god u cant even imagine the troll trying to fool around on my server putting there handsup while cuffed lol

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