[Release] video-stream - Watch videos with your friends

hello everyone. when i play an mp4 all work good.
But i want to stream from my local pc to my remote fivem server.
It show stream offline. As i start the broadcast from obs, the “stream offline” message disappears but the screen stay black.
I put the server public ip in the .env file. i put off the firewall to test but always black.
As the message disappear as i start the broadcast from obs, and as i stop the broadcast the message 'stream offline" appear it seem the connection is ok. But not any image :frowning: (with the set mp4 url it’s ok)
i have this message in the console too : rtmp://MYPUBLICIP:1935/live: I/O error
Any idea ?

can i get some help please im getting a black screen and this error
i am streaming from obs to a public server so from my pc to the vps

FFMPEG might have failed downloading, if it’s not in that folder try downloading FFMPEG from their website and adding FFMPEG_PATH=C:\path\to\ffmpeg.exe to the .env file.

See also GitHub - throwarray/video-dui: Broadcast video to fivem