[Release] vHelp (v2.0) - Simple /help and /rules script

vHelp (v2.0)

A simple plugin that provides a /help and /rules command, displaying a custom help and rules text


/help displays your custom defined help messages.
/rules displays your custom defined rules messages.


  • Configure your own /help command
  • Configure your own /rules command
  • Custom prefix for all messages.
  • Style your messages to your liking (using the ^0-^9 color codes)

Update v2.0 changes

~ Fixed Linux compatibility issues
~ Re-coded from scratch to improve the following:

  • Easier configuration (it’s now just 1 file that contains everything)
  • No more specifying file paths or worrying about Windows vs Linux compatibility.
  • No more server sided scripts, everything is handled on the client from now on.
  • A lot less code which results in a little bit less stress on your server.

+ Added command suggestions to the chat (see screenshots)

- Cleaned up and removed old/messy code

Download v2.0

Download the latest version from my GitHub page here.

Screenshots (v2.0)

Feedback / Bug reports

If you have feedback or you’ve found a bug, just yell at me below and I’ll try to get back to you a.s.a.p.

Planned future updates

  • Change the messages to appear as notifications rather than in the chat, because the chat only accepts a certain number of messages before they are no longer visible. no longer needed because chat scrolling is now fixed. (use pageup/pagedown keys)

Known bugs

If you have a custom chat resource, the commands may not work correctly. In that case use the server console instead, or preferably switch back to the regular FiveM chat!

Support discord


Installation instructions

  1. Download the latest version below.
  2. Put the vhelp folder in your resources.
  3. Add start vhelp to your server.cfg file.
  4. Go to the hp_server.lua file in your /resrouces/vhelp folder and change the settings at the top of the file to your liking. Make sure to change the filepaths to fit your own server’s configuration! This is very important, otherwise your messages will not show up. Also make sure to use double backslashes (\\) for all folders in the filepath (take a look at the default configuraton example).
  5. Go to the help.lua and rules.lua file and change the contents to your needs.
  6. Restart the server and enjoy.

Latest version:

vhelp v1.2.zip (1.4 KB)
Released: 22-Aug-2017

Changelog v1.2:

+ Additions: A /rules command and rules.lua file have been added.
~ Changes: A bunch of cosmetic changes to the default messages.

Older versions

vHelp v1.1.zip (1.4 KB)
Released: 08-Aug-2017

~ Changed the way the prefix was rendered (the ’ : ’ after the prefix is now gone).
+ Added a line above the top most message to make the help text stand out more in a crowded chat.

vHelp v1.0.zip (1.4 KB)
Released: 08-Aug-2017

+ Initial Release


Nice job! :slight_smile:
Only FX?


Glad you like it. And yes it’s only for Fx Servers, sorry. I’m currently not planning on converting this to the Legacy server version because Legacy servers are depreciated. If anyone else wants to port this to the Legacy server go ahead.


No no, its good! :slight_smile: Nice job! :slight_smile:


I’m going to be pushing an update very shortly that changes a few minor things about the formatting of the messages.

EDIT: Update v1.1 is now released.


Simple, but very useful! Nice job!

Chat resource only shows so many lines. If you have a long list of commands you cannot view them all without editing the chat resource… May I suggest making the list pop up in a notification rather than a chat message?


That’s a good point, I edited the chat resource myself but I’ll see if I can do something with notifications. Or I’ll have multi-page help display. (//help x = page x, etc.) Will try to implement that in the next version that also includes a //rules command.

Edit: This is not included yet in the newest version that I’ve just released (v1.2). I will implement it in the future though.


For those with a long list of commands who would like to make their chat window bigger to view them all, edit the following files in your chat resource:

I made my chat window 200px bigger, so here is what I changed my values to.

Change height value. default = 240px | mine = 440px

Edit chat input, “top” value. default = 257px | mine = 457px

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Chat resource has been updated to fix scrolling bug. You can now use Page up and Page down when the chat window is active. Simply update App.js inside the chat resource.



Wont work with Ubuntu. Says wrong file path when it right…

@FAXES I’ll check it out, probably have to rewrite a lot of code for that so it might take a while. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

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vHelp v2.0 (update 09-Oct-2017)

Completely remade from scratch.

Main changes

Check the GitHub page for all changes in this update.


Really nice script! Is there a way you can scroll up on chat like you could before? I miss being able to hit page up. If I put all our rules they couldnt see all of them xD.

You should be able to use Page Up and Page Down when the textchat is open. I fixed that a few months ago, Is it broken again?

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Oh maybe it was fixed, last time I tried I couldn’t. Thanks for the information I will try! One last thing, is there an email or steam or something I could contact you on, I need to discuss something very serious with you if you have time :).

You can join my discord and PM me on there, or PM me on here if you want.


@Vespura idk whats going on but its not working and i love all your scripts

whats not working with it? The more details the better.

I set up all my help and all the rules when i go in game and do /help nothing comes up ill give you a screen shot of it