[Release][Vehicle addon] Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

Here with a working Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R (modified)
TOP SPEED - 150 - 160 MPH



If anyone has any ideas for another release comments below :slight_smile:

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Great release bro. I just learnt how to do converting my self today keep up good work

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Thanks! means alot and you too bro!

Thanks. :slight_smile: an I will got a few cool convertions planned

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If you ever need help with anything just send me a PM

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Will do bud. Do u know how to convert replacement cars

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I wish I saw this post earlier :smiley: That would have saved me time.

Anyway thanks for the release, it will surely help others (GTR FTW !!)

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Great release. :slight_smile:

@edelin3 i made it fivem compatible if you want to add it to your post :slight_smile:

the link dont work

Hi, I tried adding your version and it’s causing my FiveM to crash when I try to spawn it with vMenu… Any help?

u talk to me?

yeah, i fixed it though

Another link?

As I saw that there were still people wanting this vehicle, I converted it to FiveM and put it in Google Drive.

Here’s the link:


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Hey, I’m new to this FiveM thing. I just created my own server & have no experience with FiveM & adding resources to a server what-so-ever. I was wondering if this mod works with FiveM, because it doesn’t say FiveM in the title. Can you help me with this please?