[Release] Unmarked Taxi [Lore-Friendly] [Non-ELS]

This is the first model i ever made so i hope you enjoy it.
Please follow the terms of use.
I thought about uploading a locked file, but this one is unlocked for you,
if you want to make it look more fancy and reupload you can,
but please give credits!
Terms of use:
Do NOT! upload this file to any site without permission or credits.
Do NOT! take credits for this vehicle.
Taxi top, reverse, fog and headlight emergency lights.



Unmarked Taxi.rar


If you want more pictures, ask it in the comments!

Edit: Sorry for posting in discussion, please move! I don’ t have access to releases yet :wink:

Looks Cool!

Moved topic to #development:releases

For the future: Every single release you make is “FiveM ready”. Every single release must also be “unlocked”. Any obfuscated or minified code/content is prohibited.

The siren audio doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

I fixed it by replacing the content of the audio tag in the vehicles.meta with the model name of an existing emergency vehicle. Otherwise I have to install ELS I guess.