[Release] Unmarked Oracle Mk2 - Addon Version



Original Author & Vehicle

Click here to download

How To Install
You should probably already know how to install resources, but incase you dont

  1. Open the zip
  2. Drag the oracle folder into your resources folder in your server
  3. Write “start oracle” in your server.cfg without the quotation marks and your good to go

Credits to the original author, I just made it an addon.


When it says replace does this mean every oracle that spawns is going to be the unmarked police version?

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No if you use the one from gta5-mods it replaces the FIB slot but if you use the download near the bottom and use that its a addon that doesnt spawn anywhere unless you spawn it by name which is umoracle @TrundleTheGreat

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Hey! the download link is down, can you create a new one please?

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