[RELEASE] Supreme Illegal


FiveM illegal weapons shop

This is an illegal weapons shop that i created while being bored, its nothing fancy but its simple enough and you can modify it to your liking.
Uses Nh-Context and bt target




its a free script so do what ya like :slight_smile:

Future updates

  • Add in gun and item icons to menu
  • Will add in a black market license, so you will require this to access the menu

Another brilliant release! Thank you very much :smiley:


welcome :slight_smile:

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Can you make this use dirty money instead of clean

not all servers use dirty money though, but maybe it could be something i can add when i add in the license thing, its not actually hard to change it to use black money either. should be simple enough

change the server trigger from removeMoney to removeAccountMoney

for some reason when i purchased the item it froze me ?

can you send a lil video of your problem?

nicely done

what does it support ?

it says could not find dependency polyzone for resource supreme_illegal. please help

your not clarifying on what you mean by support?

@DuncanEll will it work on legacy

yes it does, with a few tweaks

How hard would it be to add a cycle system that makes the black market move after a certain amount of time, and a weapon cycle system that randomly changes weapons after some time.

P.S. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful or demanding, just asking a legitimate question.

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hmm never really thought of it tbh, i could look into it though i like the idea of that. cycle system with the vector locations shouldn’t be to hard to implement

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So, how are the new implementations going so far?