[Release] SimpleCarHUD - Standalone Car HUD for Speed, Fuel, Seatbelt, Cruise, Time and Location [v1.30]

great mod, thank you so much

I’ve been using this but I’ve had to use a workaround for my current seatbelt script so they don’t break each other, I was wondering if you could possibly make the seatbelt a togglable feature.

How do change this? to look better

and mph not kpw

how do I switch the keybind from K to G?


First of all, great script and i love it.

I’m in a bit of a strugle here, about the time and fuel display. So when you on foot and set “locationalwayson = true” you get the street name, heading and time in 24h format. But when you enter a vehicle, the time somehow change to displaying fuel. This is a little useless since theres already fuel display above it when turning the engine on.

I’ve been looking and reading the script on how to keep the time from changing to displaying fuel, maybe i missed something, i’ve also search on above reply and couldn’t find any solution for this.

This is a little pic showing what i mean:
Screenshot (1729)
Screenshot (1730)

how do you install it

So where in the code do I change it so the Time and Street label stays on when out of a vehicle. I was able to get it to work, but it breaks the script after a short amount of time. I have to restart the script to get it to work. If someone could send me the stuff for the client.lua, that would be appreciated.

Hey @Puggo1,

To keep the Time and Street label stays on when on foot you have to change this line to “true”:

And a good news, i’ve fix the bug when you get into a car the Time label changed into Fuel.
So i’ve tried to disable the fuel display and it remove the one on top (from line “-- Draw fuel gauge”). It have no effect on the Time label that changed.

So i decided to disable the Time label and see if it still showing the fuel level when entering the car. It doesn’t, it stay disable but then the Street label now switch to fuel somehow.

Then i got an idea, i just tried to add another line like this:

and completly move the “-- Fuel small display” out of the border. And somehow it fixed it.

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Could you possible send the whole copy of the client.lua that I could copy?

Here you go m8 :slight_smile:

SimpleCarHUD_cl.lua (13.8 KB)

Thank you much

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For some reason when I fuel my car with LegacyFuel. It fills my tank up to 154 and not 100. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I greatly appreciate the help ahead of time

Hi, is there a way to turn off the location portion of the script?
I tried looking in the .lua file but I couldn’t see an option for it

have u fixed it yet?

This is an awesome mod, thank you for sharing!

I have one small problem though, the Cruise Control does not work for me and I can not figure out why, I have no errors in the client or server consoles…

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

how can i delete the cruise and seatbelt from this?