[Release] Simple Emotes

:palm_tree:Hi everyone​:palm_tree:

–download-- rar

–download-- zip

Put the simpleemotes files in your ressource and add it to your autostart thats its :slight_smile:

Use /simpleemotes to display the list

The /t its a On/Off redo the cmd to cancel it


A little preview :slight_smile:

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This is kinda cool, Implementation is not the best it could be :frowning:

Also maybe upload a zip so it’s easier to download?

can you explain why the Implementation is not the best ?
and i put a zip download

Good job! Je savais que j’allais pas tarder a revoir ce GT avec l’arriver de GTARP! Bien des choses a ce raconter depuis notre séjour a New York City. Au plaisir de te rencontrer a Miami. AKA FreakNDaBeat :wink:

haaha sure no choice :slight_smile:

Could you please repack it to zip?
I am on work, but want to see code via my android. But i can not unpack rar…

tell me if you can whit this one ?

Bonjours :smiley: gg BOSS ta pas moyen de faire sa sur un petit menu ? au lieux de command ?!

Maybe @Sir_Smog1 everything is possible i didnt chk !
this will be usefull

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If I want to make a command called / where do I know what to write in cl_simpleemote?
Like i didn´t have a event called “sit”