[Release] Shooting Range ( FiveM Ready )

A simple shooting range hidden in a hangar at the airport. It is possible to train shooting at several distances here. It is not completely adapted for roleplay, as the entrance is completely closed. You need to use some teleport script.


1) Download the file.
2) Pull out the folder and paste it into the server.
3) Type “start strelnice” in “server.cfg”.


strelnice.rar (4.5 KB)



Edit - I added a version without a blocked entrance.


strelnice.rar (3.1 KB)


I am probably going to do something like this. Except it will be a public shooting range. Don’t know where yet though.


I would use larger spaces such as hangars, warehouses or add a few targets to the classic shooting range in the city.

I dont want to use those for the simple fact in a place like sandy, there wouldn’t be too many large buildings, plus I want it to be an outdoor range.