[RELEASE]Server Sided Mag dump script

Price: $5 USD

Buy it at: https://nasawolf-mods.tebex.io/package/5510956

its server sided so if someone is shooting you can see it to

Preview: (with mag dump)

Preview: (without mag dump)

| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 20K |
| Requirements | None |
| Support | Yes |

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I dont really see a difference, between the two clips - except the firing rate. And u sure about these 20K lines?

You just changed a .meta file and you’re selling it :skull_and_crossbones:

took awhile to do if someone is new to FiveM and don’t know how to do it, it can be really helpful how bout instead of commenting on here you just leave it be




I don’t think .meta files count as code

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Heres a free version for those who don’t want to pay $5 [FREE] [STANDALONE] Increased Pistol Fire Rate

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Thats beyond messed up


You think it’s messed up someone released for free the simple meta file changes?

My have times changed on this forum.

Agreed Forums where so much more relaxed and not so random

Hey, I have been using this script for a bit now and I’m just now getting an issue where the script isn’t modifying the Combat Pistols fire rate any more, but the Pistol is fully automatic now. Do you by chance have a fix for this?

edit : Never mind, I fixed it by removing some conflicting weapon stuff.