[Release] Server Log to Discord

Server Log to Discord
Hi. Im back with my third release which posts the players IP, steam hex or License to discord when they connect or disconnect.

A Discord server. Also remember to add your webhook at line 1.


Can I edit and reupload it?
Yes, Aslong as you tag me LaLord or just add Credits: Big Yoda

Direct Download
Github Download

As I rarely do FiveM developing, No support will be given out.

Have a great day!


cool thanks dude love your work


what color format is that??

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Hex Decimal

AHH okay thanks dude


Nice Realese Man :slight_smile:

local communtiylogo = "https://i.imgur.com/e8VsdLL.jpg" --Must end with .png

Got a giggle from that.

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Aaaa sheeeeeet

Good job, you should prob remove your discord webhook from the download.

Will do once im on my pc

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Is it possible not to show people ips and steam id number ?

You could have the sever log be in a private channel so that no one else other than who you want can see it

Sure you can, just remove the following from line 14 and 34 of logger_sv.lua:

IP: **"..ip.."**\n Steam Hex: **"..steamhex.."**"

iam getting an error, iam trying just to show the name of the player,
[“description”] = "Player: “…name…”\n,

Error parsing script logger_sv.lua in resource yoda_logger: logger_sv.lua:14: unfinished string near '"**

Failed to load script logger_sv.lua.
Started resource yoda_logger

can you add that it says if someone gets killed and who of ??

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Yea you need to close it. [“description”] = "Player: “…name…”\n",

Sure thing, I’ll be working on it later today.

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First I would like to say Im still pretty new to this kind of stuff. With that being said, would it be possible for someone to post a tutorial on how to install this properly? Is there a way to add kill logs and chat from the server in the notification on discord?

Just wanted to say thanks for a great script.

Cool thanks ;!

It worked on my test server but when put in actual server stopped working