[RELEASE] Secret Bunker MLO [Paid] [STANDALONE]

Here’s New Secret Bunker MLO


Video Preview: https://youtu.be/bohZDlFZ04M

Download(40$ including tebex taxes)
Some people may have to pay extra sales taxes to tebex according to their country.

You can buy this resources at ------>> tebex.io

After purchase u will get file in mail from Tebex
If u didn’t get mail, DM me, I will send u direct link


You took a glance at Lukas’ bunker and thought "Oooo! I’m gonna copy that and make it WAY overpriced interior


Can’t say I don’t agree, good release however there are higher quality out there on the market. If you want people to buy it make it worth it bro. - apart from that nice one dude!

Unlike Lukas you have no idea how to price maps. Don’t even attempt to defend yourself, because i’m saying the truth that needs to be said.

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Not hating, just the marble flooring, looks weird champ in a bunker

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I just edited my message to be less rude but yeah it is way to expensive for it’s quality.

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Honestly i have the same thoughts. But everytime i see this guy posting i click on it thinking it’ll be worth it’s quality but it’s always overpriced. For an example his 24/7 map is one of the smallest interiors with only rockstar assets (the shell was done by him but otherwise nothing else was really original) i’ve ever seen that’s priced 20$ :man_facepalming:

Besides his other projects we’re McDonalds, Dominos and such which is not legal at all :joy:

Pretty crazy looking!

Aye could you link the one you are talking about? ty

These are the last remarks i’ll give on this map but seriously look at the preview.

  • His PC looks to be having a heart attack.
  • There are issues like shadows constantly glitching out at the bar where the bottles are.

Honestly all i have to say to this creator is please be reasonable with you’re pricing. Have a good day yall

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdr86ezfkes

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this cost the same as Gabz MRPD. Not saying its bad, just I think the price should be rethought or a big upgrade to this. good work though, just price very questionable.

not going to lie the level of detail in Lokas version is crazy good

yeah exactly