[Release] Sandy Shores Police Station Exterior 1.1

Info: This Map was made for people who want a custom exterior for the pd but with no lag hints why there is only 8 addon props (Mainly Made For Low End Servers)
Addon Props

Tos: selling or Redistributing of any product made by Optimized Development is forbidden for any ymap,building and interiors scripts etc.

Claiming ownership to any of Strike-Modifications products is forbidden. For example, Posting a picture and saying you made it

Download:1.6 KB file on MEGA

pic has the od logo from my old copmany name

What does this add to the exterior? Your screenshot is pretty vague and the description only mentions terms

It adds 8 Props. :expressionless:

4 Plants
2 Yellow Barriers
1 Mailbox
and 1 Light
(I think, I am not sure)

nope it only adds the things i mentioned i thought i did lol

7 props the mailbox was allready there

and the 2 cameras

can yall just screw off as i made the map and i know how i made it and what i put into it u didnt make so u dont know

@igc_films @1king32054

@TheIndra this is happing again

stock photo of the sheriff station