[Release] San Andreas Fire Department Fire Station Reskin

Hello, today I am bringing you a reskin I did for Station 7 on El Burro heights, this also reskins the station down in Davis.

Update 2.0
Changed floor texture to a less distorted texture
Changed logo with a better version
Changed seal to fit better with theme
Changed font to make it a little more realistic

Disclaimer: You do not have permission to re-upload this file to any other site without my permission

Download Link

Have any suggestions? comment below!


Great work!

San Andreas Finest is proud!

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could you possibly make a Los Santos Fire Department version?

Any Fire fighter or Fire department job for ESX thx

Do you plan on doing all stations like this or just this one? Either way awesome release

Hello, I have actually considered doing this. Maybe sometime soon I can, thank you for the feedback!


Removed oil stains from floor


Update 2.0 is now out! you can check whats been updated in the post itself under Update 2.0.

Is it ok if I edit it to match the station number of the RP server I’m in?

Yes, you can edit whatever!

wouldn’t happen to remember the font you used would you?

OP request