[Release?] [Revision?] Nearest Postal Code Update

Good day all,

First and foremost, thank you to @Virus_City and @BlockBa5her for their releases. They are both fantastic and will be linked below.

Secondly, I present to you a combination of the two. It’s a simple edit, but I think it will be greatly appreciated. This edit takes the Mile Markers from Virus_City’s updated postal code map and places them in BlockBa5her’s Nearest Postal Script. It’s a simple drag and drop / replace the same as the previous resource.

Virus_City’s Postal Code Map




nearest-postal.rar (57.2 KB)


  1. I own no rights to either of the aforementioned scripts. All credit goes to their respective creators.
  2. The colored dots are not in the NP script. You can add that if you please, yourself. Fairly simple.
  3. Known issue: When traveling down the interstates, if you come across a numbered postal code, that will show rather than the mile marker. This, obviously, is due to the proximity.

download link?

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Yes, of course. I forgot the main part xD

Ooh, that is actually really smart. Nice job man!

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Thank ya, sir.

What’s the difference in scripts? Is it just added points to the json file?

I don’t really get the point of this script…

Displaying the name in the postal for easier location identifying? I.E for police RP?

The difference is I added the alphabet mile markers to the original script. Just an idea I had and thought to share with others.

Merely for police roleplay and ease of location.

Lol i’m retarded, i like the idea didn’t realise that’s what MM stood for xD

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So all you did was add stuff to a json file?

Yes. Should be pretty clear in my description.

Is it at all possible to change the opacity of the overlay?

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So I’ve figured it out, I added SetTextColour(255, 255, 255, 170) to cl.lua at line 40, basically the “170” at the end controls the alpha of the text (0-255)

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How could I make a get nearest postal function?

Id make a local and then get the nearest postal

something like:


I like the idea. Thanks using it on my server. :slight_smile:

how do i sync the map postals with the nearest postal map?

edit: ok so my minimap is working correctly and nearest postal but changed pause screen map in five application data how i remove?