[Release] RedM Scoreboard

This is a simple LUA/HTML/JS scoreboard made to have a western feel for RedM.

Holding Z displays scoreboard.

Config Support:

  • Ping
  • RP names (RedEM:RP and VORP)


  1. Clone this repository here.
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Put redm_scoreboard to your resource folder.
  4. Add “start redm_scoreboard” in your “server.cfg”.
  5. Change Config.lua to your liking
  6. Profit


Originally based off fax-scoreboard


I hope you understand that your resource has a XSS vulnerability. Please fix.

Because of the server caching and returning? If so, the table from the client that has server IDs has to return something from GetPlayerPing or the framework to go further. So do not see ATM how client could put something in the html line that wasn’t just a valid ID number.

The GetPlayerName is the first issue and just the other is how you are allowing anyone with a method of code execution to use the SendNUIMessage({ text = "" }) to pass html. They can also use the "redm_scoreboard:Show" event to pass there html to all the players on the server

Both issue should be addressed, thank you for your insight.