[Release] [RedM:RP] Butcher


Butcher table locations made to sell pelts/carcasses with redem_roleplay framework.


  1. Clone this repository here.
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Put redemrp_butcherto your resource folder.
  4. Add “start redemrp_butcher” in your “server.cfg”.
  5. Profit

Required resource

  • redem_roleplay
  • redemrp_notification

mine does not work


i try to use your butcher mod, i been in valentine then saint Denis, and it seems not working, i can’t sell the pelts and carcasses, there is a specific place where i need to go to find the butcher? or maybe something i need to do with your mod? someone need to have butcher job? or maybe it’s a compatibility problem with the inventory 2.0?
do you know?
i wish you a good day. =)

Did you set the config to true or false for intentory 2.0 per your server correctly? By default it’s made for original released inventory, you have to change config Config.Redemrp_Inventory2 to true if your using redemrp_inventory 2.0

i will try right now!!! thanks a lot for your answer anyway!!! =)

and it was on false!!
and it’s works perfectly!!!

thanks again CryptoGenics!

Im made sure inventory2 is set to true but im still not getting a prompt when i approach the sell points.

You need to have a carcass or a skin in your hand to get the prompt. Maybe your issue?

tried multiple of what is in the config list the drop animal goes away but nothing prompts to sell