[Release][RedEM:RP] redemrp_planting RicX Edit

With this script you can provide the ultimate planting system. 49 different seeds (vegetables and flowers) can be used and harvested, each with different reward and object. Easy to add to your server, just delete the old resource and add this one, next step is adding the item configs to your redemrp_inventory2.0, you can find all the item config in the config.lua’s comments, copy and paste them info your inventory’s config. Fixed bugs, so players can plant any flower or vegetable without problem, no limit on plants and players can plant anywhere, not only at the farm.

hey man, great edit to this existing script, looks really promising.
I may be doing a dumb, but my seeds won’t go into my inventory unless I change the item type to “item_standard”, do I have to add logic somewhere for “item_seed”

Yes change it back to standard all, but i will fix it too, i forgot about it, i have different categories on my inv.

sweet, thought i’d highlight it, also once you do change it to standard, you can’t do anything with it so I guess you’d need logic for the item_seed or write logic for seeds as item_standard when used.

‘Need water!’ I have water in my inventory. Can you tell me how to use water? How to water?