[Release] [RedEM:RP] Fishing System

RedEM: Roleplay

RedEM:RP Fishing

Version: 1.0.0

GitHub: https://github.com/RedEM-RP/redemrp_fishing

Documentation: https://docs.kanersps.pw/docs/redem/


RedEM: RP Identity is a resource for RedM which adds a fishing system to your RedM server.


  • Made in C#
  • SP/Online Fishing style
  • Multiple Baits
  • Multiple Fish types
  • Easy config
  • Fish and baits are preconfigured in inventory v2.0
  • Easy install


RedEM:RP Inventory v2.0


Main contributors: Ktos and @amakuu
Secondary contributor/code quality assurance: @Kanersps

And of course all contributors from GitHub!


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Hey! It looks amazing, but somehow i have only 1 option after i throw it in the water, the Reset Cast option, but in the video the E button is showed also

You can’t be close to VanHorn
Prevents fishing next to the store and selling immediately

(distance_van > 750.0f)