[Release] Re-Ignited GCPhone (ESX 1.1 & 1.2(final))

Sounds like your screenshot basic is not working properly, you do have to set your own webhook into discord found about 40 posts up

And for phone item, I would set it to required yes, just to be safe

Hey there, i am using this Phone with ESX legacy (Plume Version by Zap Hosting), what i have to change that the esx_ambulancejob will get Messages with the GPS Coordinates?
At the moment there is coming an message with “GPS Live Position”, no coordinates, no marker, nothing to mark as an Waypoint, i dont know what to do
please help

I see, this phone is still getting updated as we speak. I will try this out!

It hasn’t been updated in awhile, but it will be back to getting updated very soon :slight_smile:

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Please do message me or mention me, I really want to use your phone script. :100:

Stupid question time, but how do you integrate this with esx_firejob?

Hello, i a have a problem, when i try to call someone, in my server console menu, the script write this : (see picture) Can you help me ?
Capture d’écran 2022-01-16 141458

Means you don’t have the item “phone” in your inventory…

every thing is step up correctly but the photo looks like this