[Release][RDX] rdx_horses


Adds Feed and brush items for any horses you last mounted for RedM_Extended


  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Put cryptos_horses to your resource folder.
  4. import the items SQL file into your database
  5. Add “start rdx_cryptos_horses” in your “server.cfg”.
  6. start your server, enjoy.

Required resource

  • redm_extended
  • pNotify

Made by

  • CryptoGenics
  • Converted to RDX by Valiantcraven27
  • Items -
    Wild Carrot - restore 15% cores / changeable in config
    Apple - restore 30% cores / changeable in config
    Horse Brush

Items usable on mount or at a distance of 2.0

hello, I have all your works, but I can’t find a system for stables, do you have any or do you know of any that are compatible? LRP_stable doesn’t work or can’t be made to work with your scripts

working on one now matter of fact

love you