[Release] PTTPoliceRadio

why wont it work all i did was set it all up and i pressed z nothing happen and Lalt did not work either

Dont know if anyone said this already but to make it work for custom police or civ peds on mp ped creator, you just need to put


the local skins = {

So with this script how do you go ahead when you do not have to “hold” Z but tap it to start the animation and tap to stop?

Is there a way to disable the clothing changing with this script, like how it changes the clothing to remove the holster and put it back? I have a holstering script that has this function and I would like to disable this scripts one of it.

If you add the mp_m_freemode_01 it removes the vests is there a way to fix that?

Am I missing something or theres no download link?

Theres PTT Police Radio GitHub - plunkettscott/interact-sound: A resource providing the ability to play sounds using the FiveM NUI environment. but that’s under Optional Extras

ffs CAN Someone please tell us how to remove the vest when u pull the pistol out like god

I want to change the keybind of this script to Caps Lock for the radio animation, though when I do it cancels my police menus (F5, and F6) anyway to fix this?

I have figured out this issue. The problem was the disable action coding. Remove all of them (except the functions at the bottom) and it should be working for you guys!