[Release] Police Interaction Script

does this work with qbcore? if not can someone show me how to do it?

i just got it and we run qbcore we are going to test it and i will let you kno

Any update

So far it works for us it does have some miner bugs but we are working on them

what it automatic with qbcore or did u have to change anything

We drag and dropped it in just had to find out what keys activated it in city you might have to change your key binds depending on what the keys are set to

yeah some the interactions are buggy seems to work overall

Is there a way to put an NPC into a car or could it be a possibility to do??
Very nice though :slight_smile:

naw have to call transport but i dont think this is getting any updates

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is there a way to lock this to the police job with qbcore?

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I cannot find the key config to change when selecting the options. Mine is set to mouse click and I beat the person to death before I can do anything… I know I am missing this somehwere.

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Yeah i can’t seem to find where to change the selection key and key to close menu, this seems to work but the binds are set to mouse clicks… i can pull someone over and all the options and stuff work good but if i want to select something in the menu i have to left click. or if i wanna close the menu i can’t hit backspace or nothing i have to right click. Anyone know how to fix this possibly?

I was actually able to get this working for QBcore. Awesome script! works alright with only a few minor headaches. Booking is the best way to get rid of an npc lol i wouldn’t call for transport or tow. just use the regular police commands like /impound.

I have a question to ask you can you get back to me

Can you send me your QBCore version?

can you DM me that version please?

Hi, check out this new police job script! It’s not outdated!
Link: Police Job [ESX/QBcore]

this is not the same at all

would you mind sending the files?

I’m with Tactical on same page, would be greatfull for dm with files