[Release] Polaris RZR4 Police ATV

Polaris RZR4 Police Edition

I will be updating the wheels soon as well fixing the environmental lighting. I will be templating this sometime soon as well as modelling some new wheels for it.


Polaris.rar (21.6 MB)


This comes with a resource pre-built. Simply drag and drop into your resources folder then rename the resource to your liking and add to your config file.


Soundoff Fascial 1.0.0 by Trooper Goetz
Generic Side Runners by Raptor2000
Polaris Base
Whelen 500 Series by tomcat8492


Fixed crashing anytime there is a collision. I plan to add a template soon as well as possibly modelling some new wheels.


Hello, Where can i download this. Maybe be miss where you put the link. Can you help me. Model looks good

Polaris.rar (18.0 MB)

Thank you, Have a good day

My bad. I made this more visible.

Another question. Do you have a template and what file is the one that add a skin. If not are you plan put one out there?

Not yet. I plan on doing a template soon.

Do you have a time frame that we can expected it?

IF this aint dope, I dont know what is… Good work brotha!

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Unique model but I recommend you re-read the community rules since you can’t post your discord on releases. Good job.

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Removed discord link, please see Releases Rules and F.A.Q next time

Hopefully within the next week. I will try to get it templated tonight

It loads in just fine but after about 60 seconds it crashes client side game.
Absolutely beautiful tho!

Legacy crash hash: nevada-virginia-paris

I believe that’s an LOD issue. I will check it out tonight.

Maybe give credits to the actual creator?

Why upload it when you don’t even know the actual creator?

don’t the rules say you need to have permission for the owner ??

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wtf dude you just coped and pasted this for lcpdfr lol

This is the error when we start it.

That is my post lmao

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You must’ve changed something in those metas because they’re fine for everyone else