[RELEASE] PED/NPC Addon Shops, Nightclub, Drugs... UPDATE

Hi :slight_smile:

I would like to share a first version of my NPC Addon today.

  • spawn Dancing NPCs in Nightclub (ipl Loader needet)

  • spawn NPCs in some Shops & Interiors

  • spawn Guards at Nightclub & Druglabors

  • spawn shooting Guards at Drugs & LSPD (attacking when someone becomes violent)

Config Options:

Config = {}

Config.EnableShops                = true    -- If true spawn Some Shop & Interior NPCs

Config.EnableCops                 = true    -- If true spawn All Cops at Departments

Config.EnableNightclubs           = true    -- If true spawn Nightclub NPCs (Need a IPL Loader https://github.com/Bob74/bob74_ipl or other) (After Hours DLC)
Config.EnableSolomun              = true    -- If true spawn Solomun at Nightclub DJ
Config.EnableDixon                = false   -- If true spawn Dixon at Nightclub DJ

--Biker DLC--
Config.EnableDrugs                = true    -- If true spawn NPCs & Guards at Druglabors (Biker DLC)
Config.EnableWeapons              = true    -- If true spawn Guards with Weapons (can change in ped.lua)
--Biker DLC--


IPL Pack:

ESX NightclubAddon: (Add Teleporters for Nightclub Update bob74 Interior & Add LCD Screens)


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Nice release, nice work!

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Now I Don’t have to look weird when I’m speaking inside a store to no store clerk.


yes makes sense :smiley: … static npcs go fast … animated npcs constantly his time because many animations do not work so far

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i cant see any npc… even if i turn off npc controll…

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that is weird … any errors in the console etc?


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This lags my server really badly.

errors after todays updates

I have a question if i want to the security guard to have a gun or to shoot me is it possible ?

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Who have how to addon server pls im rookie TT

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Explane in details

had a small update to fix … should fix some problems … some reports of resourcen problems … we can not confirm with us is known, however, that the resource some streaming … I do not know if or how I could improve it …

Not working

When i activate it, all the peds disapear around me !

54mb memory used at all times… ouch
that will make the server lag

can you share script for telport to lab

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How are the server problems noticeable? we have scarce 300 resources running among us several with NPCs but no trace of performance losses … if I can reduce the streaming size of the npcs I do not know … I know at least not how…

Unfortunately, I do not have the permission to share them for all scripts … but the cords for the Methlab are Meth lab: 1009.5, -3196.6, -38.99682 with the command “/tp 1009.5 3196.6 -38.99682” can you port to it :slight_smile:

not to forget that the “bob74_ipl” loader is needed to load the interior … in addition, some adjustments must be made so that the lab is not empty


Somehow I started “Peds”, My game will crash with this information. Any idea?