[RELEASE] Particle Creator

Particle Creator -
Particle Creator is a really simple script that will spawn particles from a config file when the server starts. This allows you to add different particle effects such as smoke, fire, sparks, fireworks, etc. to specific coordinates when the server starts. Feel free to edit the script but do not re-upload it.

Download (Version 0.1) -


Quick question wouldn’t this cause some problems with onesync.

Not sure, haven’t really looked into onesync that much.

Mmh after messing around on my own code with particles, i saw that having too much loaded will lead to some issue like not seeing new particles loaded. I suggest you to make some kind of distance check to only load particles if the player is near the zone ( Maybe add a distance param in config for each particles )

True, I was thinking about that. I most likely will, thanks!

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Perfect :slight_smile:
Thanks for the release tho, loving the screenshot :wink:

He is quite handsome I hope to use it soon