[Release] Parks_Stagecoach

Stagecoach Job - Buy a wagon and get paid to drive players or NPC’s to their destination.

REDEM:RP Version
parks_stagecoach-master.zip (16.1 KB)

VORP Version
parks_stagecoach_vorp.rar (14.5 KB)






  • Clone/Extract parks_stagecoach into your server /server-data/resources/
  • Insert the stagecoaches.sql file into your database.
  • Add ensure parks_stagecoach in server.cfg

How to use

  • Go to Wagon Wheel on map for NPC that Sells Stage Coaches.
  • Buy a Coach.
  • Press [O] to open driving menu.
  • Press Del+E to get into a wagon as a passenger.
  • Add additional routes to config.lua, requires pick up & drop off point coords and ped model.

Any change your able to make this VORP compatible too?.

Hi @Minty2 there was a start made on making a vorp version - I was not working on it directly but can check up on the progress. I think the dev working on it got up to integrating with vorps existing wagon functions.

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ok Thanks. It would be a great addition to vorp.

Yeah I may need to find another dev to work on the vorp version, current work is no longer being done for vorp.

@minty2 not sure if you requested this but Demo from Vorp_Core team made the vorp version.
parks_stagecoach_vorp.rar (14.3 KB)

Np, glad I could be of assitance

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Yeah mate, I asked if he could redo it. Thanks to both of you.

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Is there a way to delete or store the stage coach?

Heya, no the script doesn’t have a delete coach function. You can however go back to the coach vendor and your purchased coaches will be saved in there. I will add it to the update I am planning.

If you open then menu (Press O) you can choose to stop driving, once you stop the job, you can press O again and Store Cart


Great content, have one issue I would like to inquire about.

After purchasing a wagon and after doing some runs there’s no way to store the wagon or get rid of the wagon wheel icon that follows the player icon unless I log out and back in again.

Can this be fixed?

Thanks Buck_Vain,

Yes those issue have been fixed, I need to upload my latest version, has a lot more routes in it as well.

I’ll put it up asap.

Thanks a lot Deccas88