[Release] Paleto Bay & Sandy Shores | New Station Textures! (Updated Brick Texture)

This was going to be a private thing & such but after something happened with someone attempting to steal it I decided to release it to prevent that!

Videos -

Download - (Simple drag & drop)

Paleto-Sandy.rar (3.1 MB)

Brick Texture -

Download -

Textures - Brick.rar (3.2 MB)


Reserved for updates!

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Very Sleek and modernised, great work!

don’t say that people still find that hard lol

Damn (20char)

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Good job!

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Did you make these retextures yourself or steal them?

I used pre-made textures, (It was already in the game)

The walls I did

Is there a way to install this client side?

Yes, But I am not really going to do that since it’s already a resource!

What affect on player and server performance should this have?

None (20char)

3.2k Views gonna need to make another variant of it!

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Wow smooth moves Ethan, keep it up.

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this is a true epic gamer addition to the game ethan

@Piggy1 1. Who TF is “ethan”? 2. Thanks!

Is there a way to only get the Textures for Paleto Bay & not Sandy Shores?