[Release][PAID] ZSX_Blackout [Watch Dogs Blackout]


Im releasing Watch Dogs Blackout system with cool features.

This script contains:

Updating value to database

NUI with same boot sequence from WD

Sound files from WD

Fully configurable intervals and all stuff through config file

Script is working with:

ESX [All versions]



If you want to buy, click!


hi this can be used con qbus ? i want it but im qbus user on my server

I can easily make it for ur desired framework.

nice how we can do it throw your tebex shop and i write something like Im the Qbus guy ?

is this stand alone?

It’s using essentialmode for inserting values to database. But can be migrated to SA

Follow steps then you’ll know what to do next. I can migrate it but contact me first

Is this synced?

Yes It is

Update 07/31/2021
Script has been migrated to QB Framework!

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just bought this it works very nice!

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Update 08/01/2021

Added Config.BreakingEngine and function to break engines on blackout when triggered.