[RELEASE] [PAID] Underglow Script (w/ Logs)

This is a script that allows players on your FiveM server to add cool underglow/neon lights to their cars with sick patterns and custom colors. It also has a detailed logging feature which logs to a file and/or server console (configurable) whenever a player toggles any features or changes colors/speeds/patterns, which makes it easy to moderate its usage. I hope you all enjoy and find this useful for the players on your server!

↳ Logs (Discord webhook)
↳ Extensive configuration
↳ Toggleable whitelist (ACE Permissions)
↳ Animated patterns
↳ Custom colors
↳ Optimization (very low resource usage)
… and even more coming in future updates!

NeroHiro’s Context Menu v2

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Underglow Script (w/ Logs) | @NadPlayz (Try this link if preview does not work)


Config = {}
Locale = {}

-- [[ 🟢 Configuration 🟢 ]] --

-- General
Config.defaultKeybind = 'u' -- Default keybind to open menu
Config.command = 'underglow' -- Command to open menu

-- Whitelist
Config.whitelist = false -- Enable to use the built-in ACE permission whitelisting feature
Config.acePermission = 'underglow' -- Ace permission needed to use the script // NOTE: Make sure to add 'add_ace group.<GROUP NAME> <ACE PERMISSION> allow' to your server.cfg

-- Logs
Config.enableLogs = true -- Change this to false if you want to disable logs
Config.logToFile = true -- Change this to false if you do not want to log to a file // NOTE: Must have a 'log.txt' file in the resource folder.
Config.printToConsole = true -- Change this to false if you do not want every event to print to server console
Config.logToDiscord = false -- Change this to true and set the webhook URL below if you want every event to be sent to a Discord webhook
Config.discordWebhook = "" -- Make sure to set the above option to true if you wish to send logs to Discord

-- [[ 🔴 Configuration 🔴 ]] --

-- [[ 🟢 Locale 🟢 ]] --

-- General
Locale.menu = "Vehicle Underglow Menu"
Locale.goBack = "< Go Back"
Locale.status = "Status: "
Locale.enabled = "ENABLED"
Locale.disabled = "DISABLED"

Locale.lightsOff = "Turn Off Lights"
Locale.lightsOffDesc = "Press to turn off underglow."
Locale.lightsOn = "Turn On Lights"
Locale.lightsOnDesc = "Press to turn on underglow."

Locale.pattern = "Pattern"
Locale.patternDesc = "Select a pattern."

Locale.color2 = "Color"
Locale.colorDesc = "Select a color."

Locale.speed = "Speed"
Locale.speedDesc = "Set a speed."

Locale.engineOff = "Leave Engine Off"
Locale.engineOffDesc = "Keep lights off when not in vehicle."
Locale.engineOn = "Leave Engine On"
Locale.engineOnDesc = "Keep lights on when not in vehicle."

-- Keyboard Inputs
Locale.setColor = "Set Color"
Locale.r = "Red (R)"
Locale.g = "Green (G)"
Locale.b = "Blue (B)"

Locale.setSpeed = "Set Speed"
Locale.setSpeedDesc = "Lower is faster! (Minimum: 0)"

-- Patterns Menu
Locale.solid = "Solid"
Locale.strobe = "Strobe"
Locale.blink = "Blink"
Locale.wave = "Wave"
Locale.lightMode = " light mode."

-- Colors Menu
Locale.white = "White"
Locale.blue = "Blue"
Locale.electricBlue = "Electric Blue"
Locale.mintGreen = "Mint Green"
Locale.limeGreen = "Lime Green"
Locale.yellow = "Yellow"
Locale.goldenShower = "Golden Shower"
Locale.orange = "Orange"
Locale.red = "Red"
Locale.ponyPink = "Pony Pink"
Locale.hotPink = "Hot Pink"
Locale.purple = "Purple"
Locale.blacklight = "Blacklight"
Locale.rainbow = "Rainbow"
Locale.custom = "Custom"
Locale.color = " color."

-- [[ 🔴 Locale 🔴 ]] --

Protected by FiveM Asset Escrow system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here - I would be more than happy to help. I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. Thank you! :heart:


now this is solid work mate. i even love how it can be used with ACE Perms. any chance of having its own menu instead of having to use another resource to utilise the neon menu


Thanks for your comment! At the moment, it relies on NeroHiro’s Context Menu resource but I plan on creating a custom HTML/NUI user interface sometime in the near future for this (as an update, of course).

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That blinking is so annoying. Does it always blink like crazy or it has that real wave effect without that blinking? Hoped to see that in a video.

Well this is really great for the price, although you should maybe make an even more expensive
version which has an custom NUI (underglow controller), custom rgb for the underglow, more
patterns etc, you could 100% sell something like that for an easy 20$. But for this price this
does the job, no complaints!


God damn this is an amazing script! Would this work on QBCore by any chance?

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Since its underglow I would guess its “standalone” :slight_smile:

The blinking pattern is just one of three available animated patterns to use, and the speed can be configured by the user in the menu. The wave and strobe patterns are different from the blinking pattern. I hope this answers your question. If not, please let me know!

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Thanks for your kind comment and suggestion! A custom-NUI version might just be my next project. :slight_smile:

Yes, the script is standalone, meaning that it is compatible with any framework. Thanks for your comment!

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Hi Nad,
May I ask are this script locked to the account? Caz I am just helping my server to get it and the server is not mine, I am just an admin of the server and the server key belongs to another developer.
In such a case, what shall I do?

After you purchase the script, you will have an option on your Keymaster portal to transfer the script to another user.

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Thank you bro, I have transferred, but I also got a question, as you mention that I will need to use the specific menu to run it, does that menu able to use it on the ESX server? Because when our technician thought it is a NP. Thanks

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I’m glad you were able to get it transferred. Yes, the menu is standalone and can be used on any framework. Here is the download: Releases · nerohiro/nh-context · GitHub.

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So I have transferred, does he have to re download it from his account or he has to accept the transfer on the website?

I have never tried transferring an asset, but I believe he should just be able to download the script from his Keymaster portal.

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Hi Nad,
May I get some help with this, so when I am trying to use the script, the script will only show this and I am not able to use either of it, when I click on it, nothing happens.
Also may I ask will you have an example for adding people who are whitelisted for this function, caz I tried to set the ACE, and put true at the line 11 whitelist, I can’t use it (I am in the ACE group)