[RELEASE] [PAID] Status UI Menu by Ader


The perfect status menu for your ESX server.



  • See through a beautiful and minimalist design the state of your hunger, thirst, alcohol effect
  • The default key is F5 to open the status UI, but you can change it in the config file
  • The menu opens automatically when refueling your vehicle
  • Languages: Spanish, English and whatever you want, just send me a DM if you want another language
  • Inspired by GTAHUB


  • es_extended
  • esx_status
  • any drug status script
  • any fuel script (like LegacyFuel)

[Preview video]

Purchase (10€ + TAX)


10/10 bro

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Thanks man

This looks like a “simple” NUI resource. 21.78 EUR seems very steep :worried:

Yeah, you’re right. I’m changing it now =)

Changed it to 12.10EUR (tebex takes a percent from it) ^^

Nice script, Ader is a good developer

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Nice work Ader, i love you so much my love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :yum: :crazy_face: :kissing_heart:

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If you make it for standalone non esx and non vrp. I’ll buy it now !!! no BS dale lo necesito para antier. no enserio por favor dejame saber si puedes. as soon as possible. thank you

I think that’s not possible, because you need a hunger, thirst… system :confused:

But I can edit it and make it display the HP, armor of the player… etc.

yes I do need that too. where can I get a good standalone hunger and thirst system to make it work with your script? I need this for my server. I’ll pay you I’m not rich or anything but I like some exclusive scripts for my server. can you help ?

Any hunger and thirst system could be good.

Nice hud, I tested it and in-game looks nice.

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