[Release] [Paid] [Standalone] Shoulder Camera Swap

Shoulder Camera Swap

Hi all!

For some time, I’ve been wanting a way of swapping the shoulder camera you have while aiming with a weapon. Many modern games have this feature, though GTA does not. Thus, I took it upon myself & decided to create a small script to add this feature.

Here is a preview of what it looks like in action. The resource also runs at 0.01ms on the resource monitor (or 0.00ms in this screenshot), with absolutely zero running threads when idling. Threads are created as the shoulder swap is activated.

It is currently for sale at my Tebex webstore for $4.99. Delivery is instantaneous through e-mail. As soon as the Tebex transaction has gone through, you’ll receive an e-mail with the resource. From there, it’s just a drag and drop process to install.

The code for the resource is also not minified nor obfuscated. It’s a clean and easy to edit script. By default, you have to press X to toggle between the shoulder cameras, though this is easily changeable inside of the client file.

If you have any issues or requests for the resource, feel free to let me know!



Wow such a great resource, just bought this for my esx server and it’s going great! wow! Keep it up InZidiuZ!


Certainly a good script. But I find it somewhat inappropriate for roleplay :confused:

You don’t have to use it for roleplay. :stuck_out_tongue:


can i change the shoulder aswell without aiming? just while standing?

I tried doing so initially but it was very iffy & it wasn’t very smooth or good. I also noticed that you would barely notice any difference as to whether you were on the left or right side when in third person, so I just ditched that and restricted it to when aiming in as I would imagine that’s when it’d be mostly used.

BR is gona be :fire: Sheeesh

yaa u afcourse

Hello, is it still possible to use the first person camera and all 3rd person cameras?

Sorry for the late response, but yes, you can. Here’s a gif of it. When you toggle between the 3rd person cameras it isn’t as smooth as it normally is, but it still works just fine.

I have a question because I hesitate, changing the side of the camera also works without aiming?

No, it’s only for when aiming.

Ok, thx

weird bug when i switch back to normal cam/ when you let go and the cam resets. It looks like it is snapping into the sky for a moment before returning to normal. Has this been tested with multi chars?

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I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t experience that myself during my testing nor have I on my live server. Also not quite sure what you mean with ‘multi chars’ here…

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I’ll try to make a video

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