:warning: WORKS WITH ESX, or as Standalone :warning:

  1. New functional anticheat that detects almost everything cheaters have been using a lot lately (below you will find what all anticheat detects). Why another anticheat, you ask? Good question because there are a lot of anticheats on the internet that are too expensive and don’t even work, so I created an anticheat that everyone can afford and works as it should. Anticheat has been tested for a long time, about 2 months on a server where more than 100+ people play.

  2. Features

  • Optimised (resmon: 0.01ms) (Tested on a live server with 100 players)
  • STANDALONE (doesn’t rely on ANY framework)
  • Bans are saved into files (ac-bans.json)
  • Ban Checking on connection (Not After!)
  • Ban/Unban players ingame or console
  • Large config file (600 lines!)
  • Discord Logs - Screenshot Logs
  • Usage of Fivem’s token feature aswell with identifiersimage.png
  1. Requirements

5.Onesync enabled

  1. Links

Tebex (escrowed month)
Tebex (escrowed lifetime)
Tebex (open source)

Give your admins ACE permission

add_ace group.admingroup faacbypass allow # Bypass detections - EDIT “admigroup” TO YOUR OWN GROUP


entitywipe - All entity deletefadeletevehicles – All vehicle deletefadeletepeds -All peds delete
acban -[ acban playerId reason] - Anticheat ban
acunban - [ acunban banid] - Anticheat unbanfadeleteobjects - All obejcts delete

Additional info

This AntiCheat may not be 100% accurate and may cause false bans (but it shouldn’t happen).If you find a major problem, please contact our script support.

Full feature List

  • Anti GodMode
  • Anti No-Clip
  • Anti (insert cheat name here) (Detects new client-side made resources)
  • Anti Free Cam
  • Anti Fast Run
  • Anti Vehicle Speed Changer
  • Anti Vehicle Health Changer
  • Anti Vehicle Power Changer
  • Anti Teleport
  • Anti Clear Ped Tasks
  • Anti Give Weapons
  • Anti Remove Weapons
  • Anti Rainbow Vehicles
  • Anti LUA Menu Injection
  • Anti Vehicle Modifier
  • Anti Thermal Vision
  • Anti Night Vision
  • Anti Player Blips
  • Anti Resource Start/Stop
  • Anti Small Ped
  • Anti Pickups (armors)
  • Anti Explosion Spam (Explosion Limit)
  • Anti Taze
  • Anti Infinite Stamina
  • Anti Spectate
  • Anti XSS
  • Set max health
  • Set max armor
  • Remove all vehicles
  • Remove all peds
  • Remove all objects
  • Remove all props
  • Player Connect Logs
  • Player Disconnect logs
  • Explosion logs
  • Disable headshots
  • Force Discord (Player needs discord linked to join)
  • Anti Citizen AIs (Damage and Accuracy boost)
  • Explosion Blacklist
  • Weapon Blacklist
  • Vehicle Blacklist
  • Chat Message Blacklist
  • Key Blacklist
  • Triggers Blacklist
  • Prop Blacklist
  • Object Blacklist
  • Ped Blacklist
  • Particle Blacklist
  • Check Player Money (his function checks every 15 sec if player’s money has changed in a large quantity)
  • On Screen Menu Detection
  • Anti Fly vehicles
  • Anti menyoo
  • Anti RZ CHEATS
  • Anti eule n (Beta, In the test, the eule n detector worked) showcase
  • Anti Parazetamol


Code is accessible Yes (open source 65EUR)/ No (Asset Escrow)
Subscription-based You can choose so
Lines (approximately) 3200+
Requirements discord-screenshot and OneSync
Support Yes
Updates Yes
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It looks good, but what about items like night vision goggles and do things like delete all vehicles delete those legitimately owned by players etc?

Hello thanks, I’m working on a video this was just a little demonstration

Ok, looking forward to it and hoping it answers my questions lol :+1:

/deleteallvehicles works in a way that anticheat detects a given car spam that can be deleted (if it is played in a vehicle, the vehicle is not deleted)

Ah, so only the illegitimately spawned cars/peds/objects etc would get deleted? Same with items that give certain vision, such as night vision goggles?

Yes, and I don’t understand your second question.

I mean does it still allow items such as night vision goggles to give players things like night vision

Night vision is chosen by the cheater in the cheats and if you have it as an item and the person takes it then yes it will detect it - but you can check antinighvision to false

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

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