[RELEASE] [PAID] Spider-Man Classic Costume for MP Ped [CLOTHING]

This costume consists of:

  • Add-On Meshes
  • Separated Mask, Chest and Legs meshes which can be used independently of one another
  • High Quality Textures
  • High Quality Meshes
  • Smooth Movements
  • Rigged Facial Muscles (see clip)
  • Server Optimised Assets

Available now in my Tebex store at this link!

To install;

Drag the FiveM Ready Resource into your resource section of your server, and ensure it in your server.cfg

If you need any assistance installing, let me know! Happy to help!

Note; Asset is protected by Escrow, please contact me on my discord @George.#8802 to discuss unlocked files if you need them.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support N/A

Is it addon or does it replace something?

$20 USD :crying_cat_face:

Hi, the resource currently is a replacement, however, I’ll be updating it later to include an add-on variant as well.

Ya’know what. Perhaps that is a bit excessive. I’ve lowered the price as it hasn’t had any purchases yet. Should be a bit more justifiable.

10 is better, i wish you had a package of different characters for like 20-30, i’d buy it in a heartbeat if it had add-on variant.

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The plan is to continue to make more and more, then once I have a fair few I’ll bundle them together for a fair price, the main reason I’m making these in all honesty is for the Halloween holiday on a server I personally dev for, just list them here so that other people can have the option to use them too.