[RELEASE][PAID] soDope Notify [Standalone]




Click here for video


  • No IP-Lock


  • Duration - possible change of display duration
  • Positon - possible change of display postion
  • Design - possible change of icons, color, sound and more

:speech_balloon: soDope 3D ME/DO/MED


Is possible for example insert it in a loop? Till you dont exit from a blip (for example), you will see the notify? Looks great, if i can do like this i will buy for sure

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You can try to do it yourself, I think you can do it somehow :grin:

like it, buy some later

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Is it possible to change the title?

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Yes, in a very simple way :smiley:

is this support very long text and spam notify like 5 notify in one time?

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Yes :grinning:

any showcase of spam? it will wait and show another or list those? like mythic?

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You can set as you like - display spam, or max 1 notification :smiley:

I’ve recently bought this, definitely recommend won’t be going back to mythic notify ( at least not any time soon )

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Thank you so much!

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I love the design, it is fantastic. Congratulations!!

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Dude so difficult to understand you’re Notify ! No Wiki, the site: http://ned.im/noty/options.html dont work… I just put the TriggerClientEvent on my Phone just for test et nothing work… And i buy it with out know…

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You have a .txt file that explains how to use notify!

Is a simple trigger exemple, not a explication. For exempel, i dont try to put in GcPhone for SMS notify, and nothing work

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