[Release] [Paid Release] DOT Vehicles Packs v 1.02

DOT Vehicle Pack by candimods v1.02

Four Vehicles:

  1. GDOT Hero international with FiveVMS Message board trailer
  2. FiveVMS Solar powered Message Trailer
  3. F350 Pickup with arrowboard
  4. LSDOT Statefarm Ford Transit Vanwith arrowboard

arrowboard work via indicators lights and you have multiple options to choose from.

VMS can display more than 30 messages and because the images are streamed no issues with different users seeing different images. you can custimize your messages or make your own.

Features non els, :new: FIveMS Message boards, arrow boards all unique models

find it on my tebex store :fire:


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What is FiveVMS ?
forum post here on it https://forum.cfx.re/t/wip-vehicle-development-fivevms-variable-message-board-for-5m/

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i have this pack and it looks so good


on many server they have a Mechanic job this job could be used to supplement as a DOT job using the state farm truck dealing with accidents on the highway of los santos

good job

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I was actually surprised at first -pictures look great, fair pricetag - seller seems more or less serious … then once you try to purchase it you get directed to another site which seems fishy. I paid for the product you get a payment confirmation and then it tells you to register with your ID to get the key to the google Doc’s page which is locked. I did all as described and so far I’ve been waiting for 8+ hours. I opened a support ticket. took about an hour until I got my first answer from an admin that said only the dev. can send you the release key. Dev is happily posting about future products while I’ve been waiting for an update and my key - however no answer - nothing - then the admin says I should understand that people have normal jobs and normal lives and I do totally understand that but what I have a hard time understanding is - it probably takes 2 minutes if not less to allow someone to access their files - she simply rather posted preview pictures of her upcoming products rather then sending her customers the products they paid for. Never going to buy from this Dev again I’m sorry but Customer service is just as important as the quality of the product and your customer service and response time is non existent.

updates V 1.02

updates to GDOT Hero Truck as pictured below

roll up doors and compartment lighting more updates probably coming as well based on suggestions

Customer Reviews


I bought this pack and I am extremely happy with it. Candi is a wonderful modder who doesn’t hesitate to take his time when it comes to the slightest problem.
Regarding the pack, the vehicles are very well done and are a great tool for any RP server.
Thanks Candi for your work.

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After waiting for a while for the pack and getting an honest apology by the Developer I do confirm that her pack is very nicely done with great attention to detail and beautifully created car models, Thumbs up for this package

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