[release] [paid] [mlo] MESANUXTA

Video Preview: GTA V MESANUXTA [MLO] [LODS] [FIVEM] - YouTube
BUY HERE 20.00 Euro + TAX
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Full support on Discord channel


  • Mlo
  • Optimized
  • Its Based On Gta Interior
  • Fixed Barstool Collisions
  • Fixed Armchair Collisions
  • Open Both Of The Bars For No Teleport Circles
  • Ad Sign Outside, So You Can Make Your Own Ad
  • This Map Include Lods So You Can See From Far Distance


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This is your 4th release, I’m sure you know the rules by now. No discord

@TheIndra yy i know sorry i just copy paste it and didnt notice the discord link…can it be listed now? Thanks

good work bro , but i would recommend you to make your work in english. its useless to english speaking ppl so the community you re talking to are only greeks, wich are not alot.

just make another version and change the “mesanixta” to something else like modis night club or something like this.

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there also clubs named with greek characters like MEDUSA on the youtube (not on the forum as i know) but yeah, something more international would be better

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true, but i was talking more about the characters that are in greek. I think english speaking buyers wont be interested

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Thanks for the comments…i know it so if someone want it with another name like The Stage or something like this can pm me and make another version like this

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nice work modi

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