[RELEASE] [PAID] Message of The Day [MOTD]

MOTD also known as Message of The Day was created to give you and your places a central place to view important server links. Some good examples of links would be forums, discord, server store, server rules, CAD/MDT, etc.

You can configure this resource to open on player spawns, commands, or both. You can also customize all the links, icons, and text.

If you have some CSS experience you can also edit the style such as colors, fonts, and more!

Limitation: There is a limitation where URLs need to be HTTPS and allow iFrame embedding.


  • Fixed open on spawn
  • Added open once per script start spawn (in configuration)
  • Added support for esx_kashacters
  • Added support for esx_identity / esx_skin





Resource Consumption
Uses 0.00 ms.

Purchase Link
You can purchase Message of The Day for $6.99 USD on Tebex Here!

We will continue to update any script we publish. Have a feature suggestion or bug fix? Feel free to comment below!

This resource NOT obfuscated at all. This allows anyone with simple Lua knowledge to change the script to their liking.


Okay i like this dude! - Is there a version i can test before i buy it?

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I’ll throw a test server up real quick.

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Sweet, thanks bro!


  • Fixed open on spawn
  • Added open once per script start spawn (in configuration)

You can download the update from the original download link provided by Tebex.

Hello my friend @EmergScripts I loved the idea of ​​the Script! It was very good! There are only 2 problems. In Brazil it is normal to choose where you want to spawn when you enter the server. Your script is getting over that script of choosing Spawn. It would be nice if it showed up before or after. Another thing, when you click on another menu you are unable to click on the first ‘Default’ menu again

I can look into having it work so it can appear after the player chooses to spawn

It would be great if that happened! What about you not being able to click on the default anymore after you click on something?

This gives me GMod DarkRP vibes xD good work

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Thanks! :laughing:

Nice script, currently using it now and trying to customize it.

Having one slight issue.

When I put in the URLs in the config, it lets me do a basic URL but won’t let me do a URL like this

When you click the button, it just shows a blank background, won’t load the page. Any idea?

Odds are the headings on that page are X-Frame-Options DENY or SAMEORIGIN

You can test them here: https://gf.dev/x-frame-options-test

It’s for a xenforo forum, I’ll check

SAMEORIGIN is what its saying

You would need to disable Clickjacking on Xenforo.

Thanks! Will try that soon

Added support for esx_kashacters

Added support for esx_identity and esx_skin

Hi friend, were you able to update to appear after the spawn set?