[RELEASE] [PAID] loadscreen for server

I created a loading screen, my first script for FiveM, rate me pls.
Of course, the video quality can be found better, as well as fill in without errors. I just didn’t waste time on it. Any video with youtube.
An interesting right block, you can put an avatar and contacts of the server administration or designers, streamers and links to the stream.


  • Easy to edit
  • contacts
  • content
  • music & volume
  • video youtube background
  • pure js

last update:

  • add autoplay music
  • add config start volume music

demo: loadscreen for you fivem server - YouTube
buy: https://sergey-lucky.tebex.io/


Load screen is nice, and has nice features. A couple things thats wrong with the script:

  • Doesnt allow you to use your own music via just a “music” folder in the script. Would be nice if it offered that as a choice.
  • Video never stops playing, I am able to select my character, and I load in, but the load screen never goes away.```

Other then that, great looking loading screen, and has some great features! I DMd you on discord, maybe you could assist me with actually making a fix for this, seeing that its $10, I know you can help getting it to work!

it is possible to use your own music through the “music” folder in the script

use config.js

where you disable the loading screen, use ShutdownLoadingScreenNui()

find in your code


add after


Developer was able to get everything I suggested in under 2 hours! Great support, great loading screen, really nice!

10/10 would recommend!

This loadscreen looks great and I was super excited to use it, however I’m getting this error in the Client Console when I join the server and nothing on the loadscreen works.

show the file system, it looks like you changed something and forgot to change the file paths

What do you mean by filesystem? I originally tried modifying the script to be set with stuff for our server, however when it didn’t work I tried putting it in exactly how it was when I downloaded it, and that’s when I was still getting this error message.

So just to clarify, I just put the loadscreen in exactly as it comes from the download link provided when you purchase through Tebex, and when I do, I still get the same error I sent above.

EDIT: I just discovered something that may be the cause of the issue. My community’s primary server is running on a Linux Dedicated Server, while my testing build is running on a Windows computer. If I put the loadscreen on our main server, running on Linux, it doesn’t run properly. If I put the loadscreen on our testing server, running on Windows, it works just fine. Could this possibly be a compatibility issue with Linux then?

Would just like to provide an update on the issues I was having for everyone.

It seems the issue where I was getting the Client Side F8 error I was getting was related to our server running on a Linux Computer. We actually went ahead and switched from Linux back over to Windows to solve some other compatibility issues we were having, and since switching this loadscreen resources works perfectly. I would like to thank the developer for doing his best to help me out. I even requested a version of the resource where the information display showed by default, and he happily sent it to me.

10/10 Good Work Man.
So refreshing to see a loadscreen of this style that actually works fairly well for once.

Man, just yesterday, I realized what could be the problem on Linux, Linux does not support folders. Need that is used inside html should be used in one folder together, without using the folders “css” “font” “js” etc.
all files must be in the same folder

@Sergey_Lucky I converted my server to ESX V1 now, but now my load screen doesnt close out when esx_kashacters starts. Any ideas? I found all ShutdownLoadingScreen() and added ShutdownLoadingScreenNui() after them in es_extended and the spawn manager. Any ideas why its not closing?

are you sure the problem is in the boot server, i didn’t work with esx

hot loadscreen

I made my purchase but I am waiting on password

password for what

You sure you created this?

I didn’t create this