[RELEASE] [PAID] Go-Karting

This script will allow people to go up to a location of your choice and pick between two go-karts at a fee of your choice (you can change the vehicles and alter/disable the fee in the config) which will then spawn on the go-kart track they can drive around it and once they are done there is a storage point for the go-kart. If they go beyond a certain distance of the go-kart track the go-kart will be deleted.

This script has an extensive config that should cover anything you may want to change to keep things simple & easy.


Buy Here https://vulcan770.tebex.io/package/4900455

==Required Resources

es_extended (v1.2 or v1 final)


Go-Kart Track GTA 5 Mod.net - ImAzerko (Coordinates changeable in config if you have a different map)

mythic_notify GitHub - FlawwsX/mythic_notify (Easily changeable in config.)