A highly customizable Spybugs script where you can place, monitor and use spybugs on vehicles such as cars, planes, helicopters and boats!

– The script is:

  • Fully customizable
  • Fully translatable
  • Made entirely in C# with the Official NativeUI
  • not obfuscated and comes with source code too (following fivem TOS)
  • Working with 1S Infinity too! (You can spy vehicles even outside your scope!)

– And features:

  • Full readme explaining config and locales changing.
  • Spied vehicles on map
  • Ability to open the vehicles spy-bug cameras and spy on villains (even at night with nigh-mode)
  • You can decide wich jobs can look and to have separated bugs for every job!!
    (yes if specified even mafias can use them)
  • you can check your vehicle to see if a spybug is installed.

quick example video:

Tebex link:

In case of bugs don’t hesitate to contact me!


Hmmm can you listen to convos with this?


nope, listening convos could take to metagame /power game so i avoided that

You could add something so someone can search his car for bugs and then implement convo spying too making it optional and could be turned off from config

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the first one sure i’ll add it and update the script, the second one i’m not sure about it as that could lead to many players complaining abot cops spectating and listening during actions as happened to me

Well someone could job restrict the actions for placing spybugs as this is open source, and you could make it optional with true/false from config for the reasons you mentioned


I’ll think about it in next days (social life needs me) and eventually will update the script… right now i’m updating it to add the feature for drivers to check the vehicle for bugs and choose to leave them or remove them.

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Script updated! Added the ability for drivers to check if their vehicle has a SpyBug installed and choose if they want to remove it or leave it there!

Can you show me resmon? Because even smallest C# script can cause huge resmon pn serverside.

Resmon serverside is due to the overhead and therefore can be ignored… I’ll show asap

this is the serverside resmon, if you don’t count the 0.7/0.8 overhead you get it…
this has been taken on a blank esx test server in my pc (intel core i7 7700 + 16gb ram)
consider that if you have 300 scripts working in a esx server… surely it’s not my script that will make your server lag XD

oof why is it this high?

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:thinking: yeah it’s totally normal for a C# script to have a high resmon serverside due to the overhead

My whole game mode serverside doesn’t take more than 1.5ms

you can refer to this for your questions Understanding C# performance on servers

Is this coming as a item, or is it just locked to specific jobs?

it comes as item AND is locked to the jobs, you can specify the jobs in the config