[RELEASE] OTF Vest For Fivem!

Just a OTF Vest a made the other day as a little project for a gang in my server, Feel free to use this!

Remember to put the freemode text infront of the file name!

Any questions just ask below!


OTFVest (1).rar (253.1 KB)

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Can you please make a Woo gang vest that is neon blue and saying “WOO” on the front and on the back it says " WOO forever!"

i got you fam, check my profile in a couple hours

how much to make a pack for the a1 gang

What freemode thing do i add? I am confused on this sorry.

im tryna use this vest for a new server coming up is there a way you can make it like the police vest the same way but without the warning sign on it?