[Release] Orange County, NC Based BCSO Liveries

Please do not modify the textures or claim them as your own :heart:

Vehicles are for Redneck’s Whelen Pack
2009 Charger, 2014 Charger, 2018 Charger, 2011 Crown Victoria, 2016 Taurus, 2013 Explorer, 2016 Explorer, and 2018 Tahoe

Download Link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PsydlwpR3yILT7LVRsToG3yzikpc9zB3?usp=sharing



Do you plan on finishing the pack?

I’m not a fan of the other 2 vehicles so not really anything planned for those

Are you going to make these skins for his truck pack as well?

I don’t have any plans to tbh. I would probably do a different pack for just trucks.

wanna share the psd?

Nooooo you made one before me

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