[RELEASE] OC advanced HUD V2


Changes & Fixes:

  • Hud is now fully optmized at 0.01 ms - 0.04 ms and have only 1 running thread.

  • Cinematic checkbox has been changed into a button as the cinematic doesn’t have to be saved after restart

  • Map checkbox has been changed into a button as it wasn’t saving correctly.

  • Map hide\off display status should now save after a player restart.

  • Microphone has been fixed and now is working again.

  • Cinematic has been fixed and now is working again.

  • Added hud scaling % depending on resolution(not fully optimized)

  • Society money should now be working for all the server.

  • Hud settings default height has changed (smaller)

  • Map and logo hide\show function should now save locally

  • Removed voice distance switch function, now it only enlight when a player talk.

Known bugs:

  • Logo switch sometimes work the opposite way

What’s next?

  • Minimalistic fixes on code and design
  • Hide hud before totally spawning
  • Hide oxygen bar when player is not in water
  • Adding Stress and extra status
  • Adding Activity of police,ems,mechanic etc. status bar
  • Remake of the configuration system

Guys this HUD is really nice. A must-have for anyone looking for a Player HUD that let’s you customize it to your liking. Dre_Dre offers very good support in his discord. 10/10


Best HUD realeased lately! Good Job! :star_struck:


already buy and it’s great ! guys support the creator not leaker

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help me ! thx


Maybe a database issue? Do you have the proper database tables?

Cinematic mode wont work

Can this be used with QBCore?

i cant close the menu after customise the hud

Where do I get the latest version?? I dont know which one I have. My map isnt saving on restart and players constantly have to re check the button to get it to work after restart , revive etc

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Same here i love the script just need a fix that close the ui once done editing it instead of restarting the script every time so Please provide a fix :slight_smile:

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What version of esx_status does this support?

Hey. How can I get update 3? I bought by e-mail and received update 2.
Cinematic mode not working. :confused:

luis_miguel. ele mandou te algum fix da society? a 3 meses k mando mensagens e ninguem me responde

actually hud is for me 0.07 -.-

Anyone took the time to convert it to qbus yet?

Discord is dead and owner hasn’t been seen since last update which was in May.

Tebex disputes opened by multiple people.

Don’t buy this unless you can code yourself.

Hello everybody,

I’ve just got back, I would like to apologize to everyone who have and had problems with my script.
Im really sorry for the long waiting time, but life had some challenge for me, that i finally won, life some time is hard and you have no choice.

My healt is still not the best, but at least i can be at home now, so that i can finish and realize a few more scripts and ideas.

I’ll create a new discord and publish it here as soon as im going to open it and make it functional.

I saw many copies of my hud, i saw many people stealing it and selling it for their profits, however that blame its also on me, not only on them for stealing.

See you soon, again!

Edit: The new discord has been completed, you can find it on our tebex store!


Breaking the external downloads rules of releases.