[Release] Npc drug sell script for no npc server | esx

Please avoid the link in the video or in YouTube description.

  1. No existing NPC required in the server.
  2. Sell unlimited drugs to the NPC
  3. NPC will choose random item if player have multiple items
  4. Drug price will be random as configured in config.lua
  5. NPC will take what ever you have
  6. Sometime they will reject your product
  7. Sometime police will be notified
  8. Highly optimized script 0.01ms while not using.
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes & No
Lines (approximately) 550+
Requirements es_extended
Asset Escrow Yes
Support Yes

All in one pack: https://menanak47.tebex.io/package/5087726
Just this script: https://menanak47.tebex.io/package/5089375

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ew Menan. The man the myth the legends that sells qb-clothing and UncleJust maps.

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Sorry, I forgot that changing a hex code in css is difficult!

Also you forgot the lua

Is that the same excuse you use for selling core_mdw?

Send me the link. I want to buy from me then.

Nobody wants to buy from them.