[Release] Notification When Smoking

This is my first script I’ve create it’s a simple script. I was bored this is why I made It you may see it like nothing but I feel Happy for this !!! Thanks Here is a video about it >> https://streamable.com/1bhyk

Here Is The script >> https://github.com/The-slayers-Dev/Notif-for-smoke

Please remove the discord from the thread.

You might want to add that it’s esx only

Also is smoking illegal? why would the police get a notification for smoking :thinking:


The Police are not getting any notification but you do it says 'That smoking are bad ’ and you can modify the message
and as i said i was just bored and i made this script you can use it or no

Ye after looking at the code i see it now too only the person gets a notification

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Hmm i dont see why a server need this but good job m8 hope to se more from you

I just don’t understand why

This won’t even work, you’re not calling the event anywhere.

I mean i get it. You made a script, you’re proud and wanted to give something back to the forum but realistically… this is a glorified notification shown to the person triggering it. Why? The release section is filled with basic stuff like this and basic chat commands.

I dont think he shared the script because people need it on their servers. To me it looks like something that makes especially kids aware of smoking kills. That they won’t try the stuff they do within RP irl.

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Just add those horrible pics which they put on cigaretes ingame


And you guys wonder why people don’t like to post stuff like this anymore. You have to understand people start from somewhere and learn from their mistakes by using Constructive criticism. Which is when you give them what’s wrong, how they can fix it, and you wish them the best of luck. Not saying stuff like “It’s stupid” or “This is not even going to be used”.


Your comment doesn’t make any sense. You are just reading parts of comments and pasting them together and then you say: you guys. If you would actual read the comments one by one you will see that not everyone is saying a negative thing.

FYI: don’t derail this topic.

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Some of you guys*

You are missing the point. Visualize a forum section with short easy understandable guides. Take this for example, make a post how can you customize it, ideas on how to utilize it. Same with the simple /teamspeak commands and all esx_policejob ripoffs. Make one simple easy to follow guide so people can learn instead of posting multiple releases of the same script with minor if any actual changes. Sorry for going of topic.

There is a video go and watch it !!

Closed on OP’s request.