[Release] [NON ESX] Weapons On Back Script

Well since I cant seem to figure out how to post a release, I will just post it here, Credit goes back to [Release] Weapons On Back however this script is broke hard. So i took it from there and basically re-wrote it and it works.

Use the Z Key to sling and unsling your long guns.

This is a NON ESX item, It may work but who knows I know it works with FiveM on a vMenu based server.

You can download it here: https://github.com/deserted1/FiveM-Scripts/tree/master/weaponsonback


Just curious what ELS or NON ELS vehicles has to do with weapons that sling to your back. Can you explain that part please?

I am tired and typed ELS instead of ESX, my bad. Thanks for pointing it out I Fixed it.

very nice!

Can you show how to change the keybind for this please. I have Z set to show player ID already.

Updated Source, You can now go into Keybinds => FiveM and each user can set their own keybind.

Also top of script you can see what the default keybind is set to. Just change that to a valid key for a starter. Currently its Z.

Just edit this line.

local wep_back = “Z”

can you show exactly what you mean? I’m not finding the line to change.

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Really great script, I was able to add a few other wepaonds that our server uses a lot that were not in the script, for anyone else who would like to do the same you can find the weapon hashes here there are a lot of ones online but these hashes are the ones that match up to the scripts hashes and work ingame on adding other weapons.

it would be really cool if you could add a backbone to each weapon or category. so we could do the same with pistols. but still, well done for the script.

mk2 weapons dont go on to the back even when added in there?? anyway to fix this

Hello I try to change my keybind in the local wep_back = “Z” to local wep_back = “B”
But it doesn’t work. But when I press Z it works?
The lua file still shows it’s set to B. It is very weird. Can you help me?