[RELEASE] NoBunnyHop


Put an end to bunny hops.


  • Client-sided only
  • Stops classic bunny hop (sprint + jump)
  • Stops clever bunny hop (run/walk + jump)
  • Limited number of jumps for a certain time


  1. Download the latest version from github releases and extract the content in your resources directory
  2. Add - nobunnyhop in your AutoStartResources ( citmp-server.yml)
  3. Restart server

Source code


Pretty simple, you can’t sprint and jump at the same time, it allows the player to jump only if he is running, but after 2-3 successful jumps, there is a 12seconds cooldown.

Support and Suggestions

Issues can be reported on github or here on the forum, feedback is also appreciated.


Hi guy, I try your resource but it displays 3 lines of info in games. How to delete this one?

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Yeah… @winject is there anyway you can disable the UI section of the script?